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  • Oleg Campbell

    Oleg Campbell

    Founder of Changing the game for B2B sales. Send automated cold emails that feel warm.

  • Charles Beeler

    Charles Beeler

    General Partner at Rally Ventures, an early stage, enterprise technology focused venture capital firm. But that's just scratching the surface....

  • Nick Haughton

    Nick Haughton

    Physics student @UWaterloo. Software developer. Australian/Canadian. Science advocate & Lover. Javascript. Java. Node. SQL.

  • Alex Boykov

    Alex Boykov

    Founder and CEO at cloud platform that deploys and scales web applications

  • Mark Nicholson

    Mark Nicholson

    Head of CX @TangerineBank. Looking to reinvent banking for Canadians.

  • Canadian Insurance

    Canadian Insurance

    Our First Obligation is to Our Clients. Life & Living Benefits / Group Benefits / Insurance

  • Austen Allred

    Austen Allred

    Co-founder of Lambda School — a CS education that’s free until you’re hired

  • Vadim M

    Vadim M

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